Life in the Big Apple!

So it’s been a while since my last blog, but with the new year here, and me now living in New York…I have decided to get back on-line.  I started The New York Film Academy yesterday, and it is going to be an awesome adventure.  I have about 30 people in my class who are all for the One-year Producing program, and they are from all over the country.  A few are from England, one is from Egypt, another from Bulgaria, and another from Scotland…and this is just to name a few!  It is going to be an intense an 8-months, but will change my life…God is so faithful, and I am humbled to have him guiding me with his eye(a verse  I love)…

I already have some new friends, and we hung out last night…all of which are in my producing program.  I am getting a new camera, so as soon as I have some pics, I will post them so you can see the cool cats I am hanging with.

Lots more to come so check back later….

Loving NY…


Up Close and Personal

If you know me, you know how much I love my nephews.  I have 4 of them, and they are amazing.  Jude, the oldest is full of life and is the most affectionate child who always wants the entire family to be together.  He is all about hanging out at Nana and Granddaddy’s house, catching lizards and riding his tractor.  He has such an innocent little heart, and he has no idea how much he reminds me of the importance of innocence.  If he hears something that he is not suppose to hear or repeat, he instantly responds and makes all of us aware.  His heart is so open to what’s wrong and right…there is something so sweet about that.

I was reading this morning about having a pure heart in Psalm 24:22-24 and was reminded of the Beatitudes that Jesus talked about in Matthew 5:8…

“Blessed are the pure at heart, for they will see God”

I hope that in the midst of a crazy world, that I remain a pure-hearted person who sees people as they really are, and who loves unconditionally…for I will see God.  I hope that by the grace of God I can refrain from the useless things that destroy my heart and soul so that I live life according to what God had in mind when he created me.   I don’t want worry, stress, pain, and suffering to keep me from experiencing all that God has for me…it’s in the midst of those things that I can experience a God who is my helper and friend…and then I will be able to see Him up-close and personal…

Still thinking of Sicily…

Here are a few more pics…can’t get it off my mind!






As I sat at my computer working on the script for the LIVE the DREAM opening session, I was reminded about the importance of longevity.  What keeps you going when you feel as though you are tired and just want to quit at something?  How do you stay motivated when it comes to working on something for a long period of time?  The answer…prayer and pacing yourself.  I believe that you can work long hours, get a thousand things done in a short amount of time, as long as you focus on the main things…learn to pick your battles and fight hard.  I love that thought.  I don’t want to get tangled up in the little things that are insignificant when there is something huge for me to accomplish.   I am learning more and more on how to be great at what God has called me to so that the end result is something I am proud of…something that I believe God is pleased with…that’s what it’s about anyway…using what’s in your hand to show people what’s in HIS heart.  I want to finish strong…have a lot to do and want to enjoy doing it…


I am home…it’s bittersweet! My experience in Italy was something that is hard to describe. Our team spent the first few days ministering at a conference in Sicily and I felt as though I was at my Italian family reunion. I had the awesome opportunity to do a seminar at the conference on “Making Jesus Relevant” and living out their dreams. As I shared, and asked questions, I realized that some of the people never thought about their dream…I was amazed. For me, dreaming big is something I am challenged by everyday…I am just glad I could encourage them and challenge them to think big. There are so many things that I will remember…dramas in the piazza in Catania, canolis after dinner, seeing the amazing Sicilians greet me with a kiss, the beautiful olive trees behind the church, the ruins in ancient Rome…the list goes on!

My heart is in Sicily…


Turi and Me




Today I was writing a monologue for the upcoming LIVE THE DREAM women’s conference, and had a thought. When you think about your life, it is so easy to focus primarily on one perspective, and nothing else. When I get up every morning, I think of nothing but me and what concerns me. I hate that. My question is this…how do we view others and our daily lives from a diferent perspective? Answer: Spend time with God and develop intimate relationships…that’s the only way. It’s more than traveling to a foreign country, but knowing the people who live there. When you do this…you enlighten your heart, which causes you to get out of your own little world and think about someone else for a change. Today…I hope to see life from someone else’s view…maybe even take a walk in their shoes!

Late Nite with the girls…

Ok…So tonight had the potential of being a hum drum Thursday night hanging out at the house, but you can never go wrong with Albasha, 2 great girlfriends(Shannon and Kacie), and Ben and Jerry’s! I am reminded in nights like this the value of friendship and what it means to have people in your life who understand you and appreciate your strengths and weaknessess. After losing my best friend in High School, small yet significant moments like this is what life it all about. I have learned to live life like she would (Joy…my best friend)…LIVE…LOVE…LAUGH!

what i love

Today I had the opportunity to visit an amazing church while in Peru, and there is nothing I love more than to see hundreds of people gathered together worshipping God. At Camino De Vida, the people are hungry for God, despite there situation in life or where they have been. When I experience something like this, I am in awe of what God is doing across the globe, and how many people live for Jesus Christ. It’s in moments like this when I realize what a huge thing I am a part of when it comes to Christianity. I love seeing people who are completely different than me, who speak another language, worhsip the same God…it’s so encouraging!

Off to Peru…

This morning I am heading to Peru in order to provide support to a large church we are connected to (Camino de Vida) and help their media department communicate to the rest of the world what’s going on. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but looking forward to it. I have so much running through my mind seeing that I just found out yesterday…kind of crazy i know! More posts will come…stay tuned!

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