what i love

Today I had the opportunity to visit an amazing church while in Peru, and there is nothing I love more than to see hundreds of people gathered together worshipping God. At Camino De Vida, the people are hungry for God, despite there situation in life or where they have been. When I experience something like this, I am in awe of what God is doing across the globe, and how many people live for Jesus Christ. It’s in moments like this when I realize what a huge thing I am a part of when it comes to Christianity. I love seeing people who are completely different than me, who speak another language, worhsip the same God…it’s so encouraging!


3 thoughts on “what i love

  1. Hey Em!

    Welcome to the blogging world! Good post…reminds me of New York…so many different cultures and languages…but so much in common too. It does make you realize how BIG God is…that so many people from across the world worship the SAME God! We are a part of a BIG thing…and the best is yet to come!

  2. Umm I am like SOOOO happy your in blog world. You will never go back. Well I am looking foward to keeping up with your exciting, amazing Holy Ghost living.

    Your awesome girl or should I say fabolous??

    And I am totally putting you on my roll!! 🙂

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