Today I was writing a monologue for the upcoming LIVE THE DREAM women’s conference, and had a thought. When you think about your life, it is so easy to focus primarily on one perspective, and nothing else. When I get up every morning, I think of nothing but me and what concerns me. I hate that. My question is this…how do we view others and our daily lives from a diferent perspective? Answer: Spend time with God and develop intimate relationships…that’s the only way. It’s more than traveling to a foreign country, but knowing the people who live there. When you do this…you enlighten your heart, which causes you to get out of your own little world and think about someone else for a change. Today…I hope to see life from someone else’s view…maybe even take a walk in their shoes!


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. so true, em. i fight this every day…being an independent girl, not having to worry about anyone else but me, it’s hard not to think about yourself and your own problems. but when we take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on others, things always seem to get better!

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