As I sat at my computer working on the script for the LIVE the DREAM opening session, I was reminded about the importance of longevity.  What keeps you going when you feel as though you are tired and just want to quit at something?  How do you stay motivated when it comes to working on something for a long period of time?  The answer…prayer and pacing yourself.  I believe that you can work long hours, get a thousand things done in a short amount of time, as long as you focus on the main things…learn to pick your battles and fight hard.  I love that thought.  I don’t want to get tangled up in the little things that are insignificant when there is something huge for me to accomplish.   I am learning more and more on how to be great at what God has called me to so that the end result is something I am proud of…something that I believe God is pleased with…that’s what it’s about anyway…using what’s in your hand to show people what’s in HIS heart.  I want to finish strong…have a lot to do and want to enjoy doing it…


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