2012…sandy places and rock formations

As I sit at my desk in the production office and wrap up my show, I can’t help but think about 2012 and what lies ahead.  It’s strange how the end of a film causes me to evaluate everything I have done until then and how to get better moving forward.  I hate complacency. I am not sure why it’s been on my mind, but looking ahead, I don’t want to get comfortable and stop pushing.  I don’t mean pushing for more of the “American Dream” but pushing myself to the limit when it comes to life, my relationship with Jesus, my marriage, my career…all of it.  There is something shifting in me when it comes to my dreams and aspirations..not sure how to word it.  That thought stirs something up inside of me.  I don’t like normal, average or “that will have to do.”  I pray that in 2012, those phrases are so far from the woman I am that they are forgotten…exempt from my vocabulary.  My new hubby(which is a huge update since the last time I blogged) and I were talking about building our lives on a strong foundation and what that looks like.  It reminded me of a childhood worship song that we both remembered:

Don’t build your house on a sandy land, don’t build it to near the shore

Well it might be kind of nice but you’ll have to build it twice and you’ll have to build your house once more.

You better build your house upon a rock, make a good foundation on a solid spot, where the storms may come and go, but the peace of God you will know!

Yes, it’s a kids song, but as I think about 2012, a new marriage, family, dreams, hopes…I pray that it’s ALL established on a strong foundation in Jesus Christ.  I pray that I don’t get distracted on the shiny things in life, or the “sandy” places that seem strong and worth investing in, but that I recognize the rock formations instead.  This will take discipline and focus…both of which I need more in my life.  This will be a year of losing myself to the things of God…and never looking back…I can feel it…


One thought on “2012…sandy places and rock formations

  1. Hello Emily,

    Sorry to contact you through your blog. I discovered it while I was looking for students comments about NYFA. I don’t like the idea of getting into someone’s life, but most people I have found did the film course, so it was very difficult to find someone who have done the same course as I want, that’s why I I’m here.

    My name is Thanise Weingaertner, I am a Journalism student, and I really have been thinking about doing an Producing Course, but the NYFA website does not have lots of information. If possible I would like to have a little chat with you, to have some real opinion about the course, school, and how it helped you to get into the business.

    Sorry for bothering you again.


    Thanise Dias

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