Back again…

To say it’s been a while is an understatement.  I went back to read my early posts YEARS AGO (see below) and realized how much I enjoy writing, sharing, speaking on the things of God and this life as we know it.   I have gone back and forth about it and truth is, there is so much out there and it seems as though everyone has something to say about whatever! I am not sure if it will continue, but after finding myself speaking out loud in my car as if I was on a talk show or speaking as though I was in front of thousands, it’s best I start writing. (Yes, I admit, I pretend as though I am sharing, preaching, encouraging others, whatever you want to call it…in my car,  ALONE, lol). There is a lot in my heart and at times I feel as though there is something within me that wants to equip and encourage others.  It stems from a strong belief in the power of God, and I believe that when people come in contact with their creator, THINGS HAPPEN.  I want to be one of many voices who champion that in others.  I want to not only encourage others, but share some insights on things I have learned and observed in life on marriage, blended families, teens, social media and it’s impact on our kids, loving Jesus in a not so “Jesus loving” world, and more. I think that just maybe, someone could be inspired and that just maybe they will impact another…just maybe.

If you want to hear someone rant about how bad society is and how horrible we all have it, this blog isn’t for you. Not that everything will always be wonderful, but my outlook is just this; even in trials and turmoil, there is hope. Even in times when you feel forsaken or mis-understood, there is one who sees your heart and is seated at the right had of the father (Romans 8:34) every millisecond interceding on our behalf.  JESUS is real to me, and I pray that you are encouraged by my words and thoughts.

Until next time…


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