Faith and Feelings

So obviously I haven’t posted anything in a while, although a lot has happened in my world.  Back from NYC, worked on a film, about to start a new job, and and waiting to find out if the money my producing partner and I need to get our first film shot will come through.  Trying to pursue the film thing has been a struggle, and I feel as though I am starting all over again.  It’s been a very strange time in my life, and haven’t felt as though I wanted to write anything for some reason.  What causes the human heart to lose motivation at times, then in only moments, you have that pep in your step once again?  I admit that for me, I have been through a season of going from one thing to the next, walking by faith only…and I mean a walk, not a run.  Oddly enough, I feel like I am developing a deeper relationship with the Lord, although I feel as though I am not seeing what I have been praying for come to pass quite yet.  I read a daily devotional about this today and it made me feel encouraged in knowing that feelings will come and go, but faith must remain.  I think sometimes I am hard on myself when I lose hope momentarily, but the truth is, it’s a part of life and those days will come.  What makes the difference is what you hold on to in those moments…faith, hope, biblical truths and promises? I have found that in the midst of feeling forsaken, forgotten, or even faithless, I must exercise spiritual disciplines in order to stay focused and not lose heart.  Pray when I don’t want to, or attempt to study God’s word, although I don’t feel like it’s changing anything.  I am learning that God can handle your tears, heartache, anger, bitterness…whatever else you deal with.  If I am not real with how I feel, then I am not allowing myself to get through the struggle…God sees and is there.  I don’t know why we sometimes have to go through a Job season, but be honest, seek God, and watch how things begin to change…don’t forget to check out this link…


3 thoughts on “Faith and Feelings

  1. Ya we can all go through very hard times, but it is important to pray! I should do it more myself to be honest. The film industry can be a struggle at times, that’s just what comes with it. A lot of independents trying to break into the mainstream business. I think you would know a lot more about it then me though ;). Don’t loose hope on your dreams, we do tend to be less motivated when many things happen all at once in our lives. Maybe it’s just all the stress and how it makes you demoralized that comes with it. You have inspired me and gave me more hope for my situation. Im 20 years old now, graduated from high school at age 19 because I used to fight a lot in grade 9 (got kicked out a year). I Never tried in school, after declining my offers for community college I took home courses to upgrade 3 more of my marks and now im getting 80’s. Hopefully I can get into jan admissions for the university here in Canada (my native country) that I want to attend. Doing courses at home can be hard and sending them in the mail to be marked means it will take even longer to complete them.

    Reading this entry of yours really motivated me, thank you. Im half Italian to! Im just guessing you are “half” also, haha. Anyway thanks for writing that since it really helped me believe in myself once again. Maybe it will help you to in your current situation, don’t think you remembered writing that 2 years ago, lol. I really hope you overcome all your hardships and get through this difficult time in your life. Keeping constant faith in God is essential for for this as link explains. Anyway hope your having a wonderful and exiting day! I will pray for you. :).

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