BIG BOLD THINGS…100% Intoxicating!

There are a few magazines that I love reading…mainly because for the brief moments I am immersed into them, I feel savvy, smart, and extremely technological…not sure why that gives me such satisfaction but it does! I am reading the latest FAST COMPANY magazine and a quote from the CEO of Hulu, the No.3 most innovative companies, really stuck out to me…”There’s nothing more intoxicating than doing BIG, BOLD THINGS.”-Jason Kilar. I love that and it’s so true. I needed to hear that at a time when I am trying to work as an independent producer on many different levels, at a time when the everything around you is unstable. My mind goes back to what I have been studying in Romans 4 concerning faith. I have to admit that I have huge dreams, but sometimes my dreams seem to get ahead of my faith…or is the dream what keeps me moving forward in faith?  I want to believe that our BIG BOLD God-sized dreams push us toward a deeper faith in Jesus…there is no way I can do it alone…alone…hate the thought of doing things alone.  I just find it hard to believe that I will be able to do the BIG BOLD things in life alone…I choose not to…life is so much more colorful with people up close and personal!  BTW…listening to Jacob Zachary…amazing Baton Rouge musician…


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