Servolution…7 Incredible Days Impacting the Globe

I have had the privilege of working with my church( on SERVOLUTION-7 DAYS OF SERVING. There are over 120 churches on board, representing almost 400,000 people! I amazed at what the church can do globally when people unite. I love knowing that no matter what goes in the world, especially when it comes to the economy, the body of Christ is still willing and able to give beyond measure and invest in the lives of others. Having an eternal mindset truly changes how you live your life, and in times of financial strain, now isn’t the time to start having an earthly viewpoint. God isn’t afraid of what may happen…he is there and waiting for us to turn to him. As we keep our eyes on him, not only will we be taken care of, but we will find ourselves wanting to serve others…creating a SERVOLUTION…check it out…!


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