New York…country style!

So today I had an amazing opportunity…I went to Garrison, New York to check out the The Walter Hoving Home with my friend TR and his dad. TR and I go to school together  at NYFA, and he told me about this home that helps women with addictions turn their life around. We are working on a promotional video for them in order to communicate the heart behind the home to donors. We drove about an hour and a half from the city, and the county side was beautiful! Whenever I think of New York, I don’t think of hills, gorgeous homes set in the hillside, or breathtaking views while driving over the Hudson River…such peace! All I know is the craziness of the city, honking taxi cabs, and people running you over(although everyone isn’t rude like people say!). I got a chance to sit and talk with some of the girls about what God is doing in their life, and I was reminded of how God is working all over the globe.  From Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Garrison New York…people’s lives are being changed. The women at The Walter Hoving Home all have different stories of addiction.  When you talk to them one by one, it’s obvious of the heart change that has taken place, and the impact that this environment has had on them.  Jesus is the factor that makes this home different; most of the women their have tried every program you can possibly imagine.  From heroine to alcohol, these women have been addicted to it all…but now their story is different…as one lady put it, “Because of God I have hope to live.”

It is so easy to compartmentalize God in certain locations or environments, but the truth is that God is everywhere…on the streets of Manhattan, and the beautiful country in upstate New York…I love that about him…my heart was charged today in an incredible way…


5 thoughts on “New York…country style!

  1. That home sounds just like Teen Challenge! when all else fails, God is the only one to lean on and the only one that gives us hope. That’s awesome that you got to experience exactly what our family is experiencing, going to see Jena on the weekends. It’s so encouraging to see people turn their lives around, by the grace of God. Our family has become the girls at Teen Challenge’s family. We love them all so much! Can’t wait to see your video!!

  2. EM!!
    Where are you now, Girl?!?
    I’ve not seen you – heard from you – etc…in what seems like FOOR-EEVVVEEERRR!!!
    I know you are graduated…went back to LA for a bit…but did you decide to stay or did you come back to NYC??
    Miss you…drop me a line…would love to get caught up!!
    I’m off to Paris in about 4 days…and will be out of pocket until Dec. 1st…but lets catch up! AND…if you are IN TOWN…lets go to Bar Toto…and have dinner soon!!
    Love & Miss you,

    • Deborah! How are you? I tried emailing you a while back, but not sure if it was the right email. I would love to catch up with you soon…I am back in Louisiana…trying to work the film industry here…miss NYC a bit have to admit! Hope to hear from you soon!

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