Coffee, My Blueberry Nights, and Psalm 91…

Today is a good day…a little coffee…computer and film magazines. I am waiting for my next class(film genre), but had to take a minute and post some pics…

I haven’t had too much free time, but here is the inner scoop…studying Psalm 91, Luke 10…watching My Blueberry Nights(great indie film), also reading a great book…The Reason for God by Timothy Keller…still listening to “Healer” by PlanetShakers…can’t get enough!

Ankit, Laura, Craig, MeMe and Mom in the big Apple...after seeing \"The Phantom of the Opera\"Laura, Ankit, Craig and Me


7 thoughts on “Coffee, My Blueberry Nights, and Psalm 91…

  1. Hi Emily,

    I attended Leesville High with you. Was known by Mandy Marker before getting married. Just wishing you blessings.
    Your best friend from school, named Joy, that was killed weighs heavy on my mind even to this day because of what a great person she was. What was Joys last name?
    God be with you!

  2. So glad to hear how things are going. I love the pics of Ms. Ann & Mr. Perry in New York. I enjoyed visiting New York, but cannot imagine living there. I know it suits you just perfect though. Cant wait to hear more of what God’s doing in your life. You are missed at HPC.

    Jennifer Maggio

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