I am home…it’s bittersweet! My experience in Italy was something that is hard to describe. Our team spent the first few days ministering at a conference in Sicily and I felt as though I was at my Italian family reunion. I had the awesome opportunity to do a seminar at the conference on “Making Jesus Relevant” and living out their dreams. As I shared, and asked questions, I realized that some of the people never thought about their dream…I was amazed. For me, dreaming big is something I am challenged by everyday…I am just glad I could encourage them and challenge them to think big. There are so many things that I will remember…dramas in the piazza in Catania, canolis after dinner, seeing the amazing Sicilians greet me with a kiss, the beautiful olive trees behind the church, the ruins in ancient Rome…the list goes on!

My heart is in Sicily…


Turi and Me




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