About Me

Me? Vibrant, Girly, Athletic, Italian(Shannon made me put this)…interested in all things healthy! I am passionate about traveling the world and meeting people from other cultures. I hope to someday make a film that matters, and leave people with a sense of wanting to make the world a better place. I just finished studying producing at the New York Film Academy.  Favorite city other than New York:  Baton Rouge…home sweet home!  Favorite trip overseas: Sicily…Favorite movie at the moment: not sure, love too many!

I have 6 awesome nephews…all under the age of 5!  Life in the Morrow family is all about the guys… My family is the love of my life and can’t do it without them…God has truly blessed me with everything I have…Jesus is my stability in a forever changing world!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Emily,

    It’s Mario – I’m editing Sohnia’s film, “The Confession”. Sohnia said you’re screening tomorrow (Monday). What time is your screeing?


  2. Hello and Happy November, Emily!

    There is a profound pressure placed on young girls in current day society based on their image: the need be thin, beautiful and appealing. Instead of looking to serve others, the focus is constantly on “me!” The struggle of peer pressure emerges and girls strive for whatever it takes to be well liked and popular. They fear walking the road less traveled because, to them, it appears to be the lonely road. Girls fear failure. Due to this fear, we oftentimes see far too many girls let life pass them by as they ‘go with the flow.’ One will find that as you look back upon your life, the moments that stand out are the ones when you have done things for others. Oftentimes, people forget to think beyond themselves. It is our desire for “Megan Hearts” to empower girls to try new activities and as they gain knowledge and skills, learn to recognize the importance of using them for benefits that reach beyond themselves.

    My sister and I just finished “Megan Hearts Baking,” the first book of the Megan Hearts series devoted to helping inspire and empower young girls (ages 5-9) to explore new hobbies and create new goals…and in this case…baking!

    In the book, Megan has been invited to a birthday party and she wants to bring her favorite treat– cupcakes! But Megan is nervous about making them, for her last baking adventure sadly ended in a baking fiasco. What will she do? Join Megan and her mom on this sweet endeavor as, together, they learn how to bake the most delicious cupcake with just a few simple steps: finding a recipe, creating a shopping list, understanding measurements and measuring utensils, rules of kitchen safety, the finishing touches, and, at last, sharing the tasty treats with friends and family! Become engaged, as Megan gains confidence from working through mistakes, experiences joy while discovering her special strengths and abilities, and develops a love for learning- the sweetest treat of all!

    At the end of the book are biographies of real life people that have used their passion for baking to open cupcake shops around the United States. The following cupcake shops are featured in the book: Cake and Art (West Hollywood), Sprinkles (Texas and Newport Beach), Magnolia Bakery (New York), Cupcake Project (online blog) and Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach 🙂 The reason for these bios are to empower young girls to dream big!

    I can send over the book cover and a recent book review of megan Hearts Baking (found in the November edition of the Long Beach Magazine)if interested.

    I’m writing to find out if you would be interested in reading a few chapters of the book? We would love to get your professional opinion on the story:)

    Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing back!!!!


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