The NYFA life

It’s been long since a post I know…I am doing great and just got finished with my first short film…interesting! I am about to start working on a reality show now with my group, which will be challenging, but a great experience. I am loving the school and the city, but can’t wait to visit BR in about a month or so! We had a great night watching the Oscars, and I cooked a big pot of red sauce and spaghetti! Can’t have a function without red sauce…mom would be proud! Here are some pics…finally started using my camera! Definitely more to come…NYFA IDMy School…in the heart of Union SquareView from Class…love the snowItalian Girl Wear I found in Little Italy!Me, Craig(Scotland), Laura(Canada)…love my classmates!The Oscar Winning Red SauceMe and CraigCraig and Ankit(India)…never a serious moment! View from my apartment rooftop on a snowy night


3 thoughts on “The NYFA life

  1. Obviously, I am a little slow. I knew I hadnt seen you in a while, but didn’t know you had moved! How exciting! I visited New York at Christmas in 2006. I envisioned myself living there and being “cool”, ya know—hanging at the coffee shops———then, one of my kids pulled at my coat-tail and reality set in again. Great job, girl. We miss you.

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